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Charlamagne Tha God Gives His “Booty” As A Gift

We all know Charlamagne Tha God is crazy, and pretty much nothing he does really surprises us anymore… right?? Well you guys have got to hear about his latest stunt.

For the holidays, Charlamagne Tha God gave his boy & co-host, DJ Envy, a mold of his butt (along with the balls too). & yes you read that right.

“It’s no secret that Envy flirts with me constantly on this radio (show),” Charlamagne says as Envy unwraps his gift. “He constantly flirts with me. I tried to get to this to him before the holidays ’cause I know he missed me over the past few weeks.”

~Charlamagne Tha God

Yea, he is out of control! WOWWWWWW LMAO, take a look at the clip below.

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