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Charmed… The Power of 4!!!

Soul Sessions LIVE
Ear Kandy Radio’s own Ancestral Interpreter, QuaTita Dean

If QuaTita Dean thought losing her mother at the tender age of 10 years old was difficult, she couldn’t even imagine what would be facing her as an Ancestral Interpreter 23 years later. Ms. Dean grew up in the slums of Tulsa, Oklahoma in the Commanche projects. All of her rising success she accredits to the one she refers to as Spirit or the one we refer to God. She also gives thanks and praises to the Ancestors, the souls of our loved ones who’ve crossed back over into the Spirit and work with us everyday.

QuaTita started her career in 2013, calling herself a “Prophetic Medium”. She says she was still in her discovery phase, coming to grips with the realization that the messages were real. QuaTita remembers her childhood, claiming she played with what she thought was her imaginary friends, later gaining understanding that she was communicating with the souls of departed children. QuaTita describes her imaginary friends as having problems or issues stemming from their home lives. She often says, “As a child why would I have made those things up? Unless they were souls sharing with me.” QuaTita explains her gift as being voice-thoughts, visual snapshots, combined with taste, smells, an innate feeling tied together with a knowing. She says everyone is born with spiritual gifts, QuaTita says she simply interprets what she given from the Ancestors. “I’m not special, everyone can do what I do, it’s about your willingness to be focused and practice your craft.” Ms. Dean also claims that her 21 year old daughter, makeup artist and assistant, Ti’Shaona Dean also shares her gift. The proud mom says that her daughter used to visually see spirits, now she uses her gift of dream interpretation to help others.

QuaTita says losing both her parents, although at different stages in her life was hard, she says she often speaks with them, as they assist and guide her daily. She claims that since coming out of her spiritual closet in 2013, she has dealt with haters and naysayers, but says she curves them and embraces those who embrace her. She says her career is on the move and she can only see it going up. QuaTita tells us that she has been on a slow climb but she is grateful for every pull up and every dive, she says it has only made her stronger. QuaTita says although people knew her name prior to January 13th, 2018, she claims that it wasn’t until an unexpected guest showed up at her event that people really took notice.  Ms. Dean is referring to Briyona Ragland, a 26 year old woman whom had just been murdered days prior. “This beautiful soul came in and  shook up my life and I will be forever grateful.”

QuaTita is booking and creating group events, scheduling sessions, traveling, designing merchandise and says she is utilizing the platform given. Ms. Dean was gifted with the an opportunity to have her own radio show  through the Ear Kandy Radio broadcasting station; entitled, “Soul Sessions LIVE”. She also has been asked to be a featured guest by Editor in Chief Azizah Nubia, for her online publication, “Natural Woman Magazine”. She says it’s a blessing that allows her to reach more people. “I have been blessed in ways I couldn’t imagine. In ways I didn’t see coming. However, I will continue to embrace it and ride this wave into the sunset.”


Soul Sessions LIVE
Cincinnati’s Medium, Jazmine Bell is Rising to the top.

Jazmine Bell, also known as Jazz the Medium. A name that is ringing bells through the city of Cincinnati. The New York native couldn’t imagine that she would have the growing success she has had. Jazz remembers the days of being homeless, broke, abused and low.  Determine to succeed Jazz pulled herself up by her boot straps, she is currently a supervising Registered Nurse, business owner, and now she is known as Jazz the Medium. Jazmine says she is innately blessed with a gift that she will continue to embrace, a gift passed down from her grandmother, Aldine, a Caribbean native from the country of Barbados.

35 year old Jazmine Bell was born in the state of New York, but raised in the city Cincinnati. By the age of 4 Jazz had imaginary friends that kept her company, friends she later discovered was family that had crossed over. Seeing spirits and connecting with her ancestors her mother knew that Jazmine was special, but instead of stifling her imagination she encouraged her to embrace it. The love she received from her mother gave her the strength to do just that. Jazz says she blocked out her gift while growing up; eventually deciding to hone in on her spiritual skills 29 years later. Jazz stepped into her mediumship abilities at the age of 33, feeling more confident and ready to help the world she gave Spirit the okay. Jazmine is now a mother of 5 and says although she enjoys home life, she also enjoys bringing healing to those she comes in contact with. Ms. Bell has been a catalyst of change for many people, as she heals and changes lives by the hundreds.

When asked about her greatest accomplishments, Jazz names the birth of each of her amazing children, whom are all also spiritually gifted. She also accredits Spirit for her many achievements. She gives thanks and notoriety to The Almighty Spirit for her mediumship ability, as well as her beautiful gift of healing and bringing closure to families. Jazmine Bell, Jazz the Medium says she doesn’t see herself slowing down or stopping  anytime soon. She says it’s all up from here.

Prophetic Spirit Medium Michera Taylor

Prophetic Spirit Medium, Michera Taylor grew up in what is known as Over-The-Rhine, located in downtown Cincinnati.  Growing up in what seemed like a movie reel, life for young Michera was like a scene from “Tales From The Hood”.  Michera says she inherited her gift of sight from her father who was also spiritually gifted. She says as a kid she sat with a woman she believed to be the lady from the movie, later realizing she was a great-grandmother. Michera claims she would sit and talk to “the people from the pictures” for hours. She recalls an incident where she was spanked by her grandmother, afterwards telling her grandmother, ” yo mama said if you spank me again, she’s gonna spank you!”

Michera stepped into her gift when she was 27, finally deciding to accept her destiny. Once she embraced her gift Ms. Taylor began giving clartiy and healing to those she came across. Now 29, Michera Taylor is a mother, a medium and an aspiring entrepreneur. She is serving drinks and building her brand, all while changing lives. Michera is known for using her gift of prophecy to give foresight to those in need, March 8th, 2018 Michera inboxed me and told me I would soon be on the radio. Needless to say I debuted my radio show, Soul Sessions LIVE mid August 2018.

When asked about her accomplishments Michera says her beautiful children then she went on to say, “as a medium I feel accomplished when I get validation by seeing how my work has helped people in their everyday lives.” She is currently in negotiations with a production company to help create a television/web show. Michera is optimistic about the direction of her career, she is taking the bull by the horns and not looking back.


Ancestral Divination and Tarot Reader Azure Daniels

Growing up in Cincinnati, Ohio 27 year old Azure Daniels has made a name for herself. Going from foster homes, to an abusive relationship, Azure’s journey is never without a dull moment.  Azure Daniels’ reputation precedes her, predicting upward of 36 pregnancies.  Seeing and communicating with spirits as a child Azure was unaware that not everyone had the same ability as her. She grew not knowing if it was good or bad, she watched someone she loved struggle with her gift, and the effects it left on her. Not wanting the same fate, Azure was unsure of her gift. Fast forward through the years as Azure struggled to hold on to her sanity not understanding her power, she was sent a message. One that would change her life, Azure and her mother went to see Prophetess Juanita Bynum not knowing what was awaiting her. Azure was in shock as Juanita Bynum made her way over to her and declared a prophetic statement over Azures young life, Prophetess Bynum told Azure she was blessed with a gift and that she would use it to help people. The prophetess said some powerful words over Azure’s head blessed her and went on. Azure was relieved that it wasn’t Schizophrenia.

Azure Daniels took a hold of her gift from that day forth, still not quite understanding but will to walk in it. Going from Christianity to Muslim under her mother’s roof left Azure trying to understand her power, but still willing to embrace it. Azure discovered Ifa. This is a practice she still holds dear to her today, Azure has done hundreds of readings for groups and individuals. She has implemented the use of her tarot deck as a way of confirming her information to her sitters, and plenty of sitters she has. Azure created a Facebook group entitled “Pomba’s Playground,” where spirituality is embraced, as well as a safe haven for the gifted.

When Azure was asked what her greatest accomplishments were, she said her children and being the best mother she could be. She also said, “having the ability to use my Ancestral Divination to give people hope who did not believe that change or healing was possible.” Azure gleamed about the ability to see life approaching as she is awaiting confirmation on the 37th predicted pregnancy. Azure Daniels is a force to be reckoned with as she continues to embrace and embark on her new journey in the great state of Texas. Although she has been on hiatus Ms. Daniels says her Babalawo has told her it’s time to jump back in, and that’s exactly what she plans to do.

Make sure you go to www.earkandyradio.com/live-radio to check out Soul Sessions LIVE host QuaTita Dean’s interview with Jazmine (Jazz the Medium) Bell. You can tune into Soul Sessions LIVE each and every Sunday on Ear Kandy Radio at 5p cst./6p est. Call 646-787-8528 to listen or to join the show. We give a great big THANK YOU to all the ladies, thank you all for being open and willing to embrace the beauty in you; but more importantly for sharing your gifts with the world.


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