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Cherie Aimee is a best selling author, an international Keynote speaker and a near death survivor. Here’s the chilling tale of her experience on the other side.


Near death survivor Cherie Aimee.


I’m sure we’ve all heard tales of near death experiences,  but none like that of Mrs. Cherie Aimee.  “Is there life after death?” “Is communicating with the departed wrong?” “Can we really connect with the other side?” All are reasonable and frequently asked questions, questions I receive daily. Cherie Aimee answers these very questions in her bestseller, “God’s Fingerprints; Impressions of Near Death Experiences.”

I have been communicating with the souls of the departed for a number of years and I have been given information concerning the afterlife, but what I heard while listening to the NDE of Cherie Aimee is truly a confirming tale. Cherie is an African American woman and cancer survivor, Mrs. Aimee’s story has catapulted her into the spotlight shedding light on this taboo subject. She has used her platform to share her incredible story. Cherie is not only a best-selling author, she is also an International Keynote speaker, mentor, contributor and CEO/Founder of Live Big be Happy.

Mrs. Aimee’s brush with death started very early in life, she was born with what is known as a “Wandering Pacemaker, a  condition that caused her little heart to beat abnormally fast. Just as it seemed that Cherie was dealing well with her minor stumbling block she was challenged again, at 12 years old Cherie was diagnosed with “Arrhythmia Atrial Fibrillation”, another condition that affected her heart. Cherie kept the abnormality controlled with the use of daily medication. Cherie persevered through as she continued to play sports and learned Taekwondo. Assuming she had beat all odds Cherie went on to lead a seemingly normal life, until that faithful day in 2008 when she would a recieve another diagnosis, only this time it wasn’t her heart. Mrs. Aimee was told she had cancer, a treatable form; it was Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, stage 2B to be exact. It was another tremendous blow to the then almost married 33 year old. She received the news only two months before what she refers to as her fairytale wedding.

Determined to not be defeated by the disease Cherie followed the swift treatment plan ordered and underwent 6 months of chemotherapy, sending her into remission. A place in which she still resides, as the cancer hasn’t returned. After defeating all that had been thrown at her Cherie was finally living her life the way she wanted, she just couldn’t shake the feeling of impending doom. Cherie felt like she was going to die! In 2010 Cherie Aimee’s feeling would become reality when she collapsed in the arms of her husband.

Three weeks prior to her collapsing Cherie had told everyone that would listen that she was dying, in disbelief she was continuously ignored. Everyone just assumed she was tripping but tripping she was not, Cherie Aimee died in the New York Presbyterian Columbia Hospital.  For 90 minutes she laid lifeless strapped to a table where a determined physician worked tirelessly demanding his staff continued the resuscitation process until he was able to get her on life support, the brilliant doctor didn’t give up on Cherie’s life.

Cherie immediately knew she had died and  crossed over into a different dimension.  She claims it was unlike anything she had ever seen or experienced with the vibrancy of colors and the feelings that can only be explained as pure bliss. Cherie Aimee was now engulfed in light and a feeling of knowing, she states she never wanted to return to her physical body she was content residing in her current state of bliss, she claims her SOUL was at peace.  In her radio interview with Sandra Champlain, owner of “We Don’t Die,” a radio podcast; Cherie talks about her life reviews. Not only from her current life but from all of the lives she had lived thus far, she says she was amazed by the experience and claims that while in her pending state she still had all of her memories and emotions. She describes them as memories and emotions that she now felt from a complete place of love. She says she felt a release of any negative emotion that was attached to her physical body; although she says she could feel the emotional pain pulling in from her loved ones from them knowing of her passing.  Cherie still couldn’t help the feeling of not wanting to return to earth, to her physical body, to her life she had left behind.  Cherie tells how she had an incredible understanding about life and Spirit, as she says she knew that she had been living her life all wrong.

You can check out Cherie Aimee’s chilling story in her best-selling book “GOD’S Fingerprints; Impressions of Near Death Experiences”, or you can find her near death experience on “danielgefen.com”, or on “Lessons from Heaven, in an interview with A Medium Corp. or you can visit Cherie’s site directly at cherieaimee.com. It is truly an amazing story.

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-Quatita Dean


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