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Child Support Shake down! “In Summit County last year parents owed more than $1.6 million”

According to reports from Cleveland 19news “In Summit County last year parents owed more than $1.6 million”. A team of police and prosecutors are looking for parents who are in delinquent on thousands of dollars in unpaid child support.

We all have heard stories of people who are in debt due to unpaid child support. Now everyone case is different from the next so you can’t compare peoples situations. There’s some men or women who has never paid anything on their account and the city is cracking down!

Sherri Walsh is teaming up and cracking down! Literally knocking on doors of individuals who has not paid child support. Some parents take care of children with no help from the other parent. And I know we would love to place the blame on men but their are women who are also on child support and are dead beat moms!

check out the video from Cleveland 19 News for full details on the consequences of not paying. Of course jail time but we need to do more than send parents to jail! There’s needs to be system in place to hold parents accountable for their child.

When a child is born if both parents had equal rights it could avoid the drama. In some case some people are on on child support due to the other parent being bitter. Child support is for men or women who are not supportive of the child. I agree that both parents should be held accountable but there’s so much more to raising a child then money. Children deserve to have both parents who are active despite if their together. Bottom line take care of what you birthed!

Click the link below for full details! Thanks Cleveland 19 News


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