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Chris Brown Has Been Charged With RAPE!!!

Our boy Chris Brown is in the news again… and this time is it not looking for for Chris. Looks like the Paris Police have reported that he was arrested and charged with RAPE!

Allegedly he has been accused of raping a woman (24 years old) at the hotel he was staying at in Paris (The Mandarin Oriental). The woman claims she met him at a night club (Le Crystal), spent some time with him at the club and then he invited her back to his hotel room… (Yea, I’m sure she thought he jut wanted to talk right). She claims she left the cub with another woman and three men.

She claims when she got to her hotel room, she was left alone with the R&B artist where he attacked her and his body guard and another guy held her down and they helped him assault her.

Now this happened on January 15, 2019 and she eventually notified the police of the incident on January 21, 2019 (six days later). All three of the men involved were arrested. The label he is signed to (Sony Music) has not released any statements yet.

I am interested to see how you guys feel about this?? Domestic Violence is bad enough… but RAPE?!?! These are always sticky situations in my opinion & it is hard to weigh in on it. At the end of the day, no does mean NO… but what was she even going to his room for on the late night?? Chris Brown can pretty much get any woman he wants… why does he have to rape somebody?? & I also know there is really no timeline on reporting rape… but why did she wait 6 days to report it. Do you think she is just trying to get a check?

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