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Chrissy Confronts Rihanna About Old Cheating Rumors

It was a big weekend for the stars and celebrities with the Grammy’s taking place and the Roc Nation brunch. With the death of Kobe Bryant, seems like everybody was trying to be peaceful and stay drama free… except your girl Chrissy!

Rumor has it that Chrissy Lamkin (Jim Jone’s long time fiance), blew down on Rihanna at the Roc Nation brunch to confront her about some old cheating rumors about her and Jim Jones having an alleged affair/fling a while back, according to one of Rihanna’s friends. I know Jim Jones just be shaking his head at Chrissy LMAO!!!

“Chrissy was bringing up old sh*t that isn’t even true.” And she pulled up on the wrong one.

“Rihanna set Chrissy [straight]. She is rich and famous. But she’s a Caribbean gal so she’s always prepared to engaged in the fuck shit too.”

~Rihanna’s friend

Part of the short verbal altercation was was caught on tape. Check out Rihanna’s stance! Baby girl was not back down from nobody… you know she is an island gyal, she is not taking any shit! It’s clear that she is not feeling what Chrissy is talking about, but I’m happy they both kept it G and classy!


I love Chrissy for that LOL because y’all know she doesn’t play about her man! But who would you put your money on?? Chrissy or Rihanna?? & do you guys think she was wrong for confronting her about some old stuff that happened a while back? In my opinion, disrespect doesn’t have an expiration date on it!

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