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Ciara Makes It Claps

Ciara is bouncing back beautifully after having baby # 3, but that’s not the only thing she’s bouncing… Ciara knows how to bounce that a** too!

Ciara posted a video on her Instagram story of her “making it clap” and it’s the cutest little video. She was in the room with @cesar4styles and @yolandafrederick and it sounds like her hubby, Russ Wilson, behind the camera, and she told them she could make it clap.

They all chuckled a bit and Yolanda says she needs a contract! You can definitely hear those clapping sounds coming from her booty! Check out the video below.

Ciara’s vibe and energy is contagious and what I love most about her is she is effortlessly beautiful and sexy! She doesn’t have to be provocative, she doesn’t have to show off all her goodies… she does it with class and always remains tasteful. Thank you Ciara for always setting a positive example for your people!

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