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Cleveland fans putting the hate down on Bron Bron ?

Sunday night just 24 hours after the free agent market open LeBron James team announced he would be leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers for a 4-year, $154 million deal with the Los Angeles Lakers. After recently losing the 2018 championship with the Cleveland Cavaliers  speculations of him leaving occurred.

Today everyone got the answer they’ve been waiting for! Now if you’re a LeBron fan of course you follow LeBron no questions asked. His supporters from Akron following him no matter where he goes. On the other hand if you’re from Cleveland you’re probably upset with him. I was scrolling instagram  today & got some screenshots of unhappy fans throwing shots at the King.

Of course I spoke up and show him support. Most fans was just mad he was leaving. Others  spoke on how the economy in Cleveland would decrease once he was gone. Unfortunately if you remember when he left for the Miami Heat. Cleveland’s economy did have a decrease. Hopefully things won’t be to be in the upcoming years.

As for King James he’s off to start a new  Journey & says Cleveland will always be home. I believe LeBron is after his fourth championship ring. And myself, my team at Ear Kandy Radio, The city of Akron and all LeBron fans wish him the best and we’ll be watching when he wins the championship next year! Everyone else let that man be GREAT!

DeAnna Kay

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