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Cleveland News Blogger refers to child as “idiots” in recent article.

His caption!

Vince Grzegorek of Clevescene.com wrote an article about how the city took down basketball hoops due to children still playing ball. The past few days have been nice and although we’re on quarantine the governor still encourages people to go outside. Just limit how many people your around and keep your distance.

The article itself wasn’t bad it just his terminology I didn’t like. The basketball court are for the child therefore the “idiots” you’re referring to are children or young teen! That was very unprofessional and rude!

Even though I don’t want to post the link of his article, I will so you can read your story. As media personnel we have the responsibility to keep our community informed on what’s going on. If someone called Vince’s children “idiot” I’m sure he wouldn’t be pleased. We don’t even know if the children know what/ where their allowed to go with COVID-19 going on.

His caption was unprofessional, disrespectful and not only made him look bad but his company as well..

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