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Columbus Gas Station Employee Calls Customer A “N*GGER” & Refuses To Sell Her Gas At Discounted Price

Thornton’s Gas Station 4990 W. Broad Street, Columbus, OH 43228

With all the non-sense going on in AmeriKKKa, I mean America… thankfully the gas prices are going down! So just imagine seeing a gas station advertising the price of gas at only $.87 per gallon… you would probably think it was a joke right???

Well that’s exactly what happened to this customer Melanie Lanette. She was riding past this gas station, “Thornton’s” located on 4990 W. Broad Street in Columbus, OH where she noticed gas was really, really cheap. She went in to see if this was a real sale going on, and boy was she in for the shock of her life. Take a look at she personal account of the situation below which she posted to her Face Book page.

Melanie Lanette, customer who was refused gas at discounted price AND called a N*GGER!!!

I am NOT my ancestors, I will NOT sit back and be disrespected!!!! It’s 2019 & YOU WILL RESPECT US!!! #BlackLivesMatter

I was just at the Thornton’s Gas Station at 4990 West Broad Street, 43228 & the cashier, Dianna called me a NIGGER twice. The gas at pump 11 and on the sign read .87 (I had over a half of a tank but just wanted to see if the price was real) she gave the 3 white people in front of me the .87 a gallon but told me “no nigger, you have to pay the full price” IN FRONT OF MY CHILD & MY NIECE ??? being called a “NIGGER” by a white person hurt, it made me angry and I’m not letting it go. I left a message with the manager & I’m calling the manager tomorrow. I’m calling corporate first thing Monday morning. I’m not letting that go until Dianna is out of a job. PERIOD!!!!

This honestly infuriated me!!! It’s so sad that these things are still happening to us in this day & age. But as Melanie said… we are not our ancestors & we refuse to take this treatment any longer. Please share this story to all your social media avenues. We refuse to just let it go!

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4 thoughts on “Columbus Gas Station Employee Calls Customer A “N*GGER” & Refuses To Sell Her Gas At Discounted Price

  1. This is a lie I was in the store and thsi is NOT what happened. This chic came in and she did not have kids with her AT ALL. She asked the clerk said no that the sign was messed up and the chic started freaking out on the clerk using racial slurs against the white clerk, a black gentleman started taking her plate while the clerk was calling the cops and she started calling him a nigger and threatening him as well. So cool that you take a facebook post as truth and not speak to the company who by the way checked the video and the clerk never called the chic ANY names, the racial name slinger was the Melanie.

  2. This story is completely fabricated by this woman that obviously is trying to get some attention. And to the lady that wrote this…u should do your research before u write stories that are made up by mentally ill people. If u would have looked into this u would have realized that this is bs…smdh

  3. I’m just seeing this. The story is real. I deleted it because the managers and I have come to an agreement, she was suspended and now has to take diversity training. I deleted the post because of all of the negative inbox messages and arguments that were happening on my page. I love how non-factor people have so much to say about me lying, why lie?? I’m biracial, why would I make racist comments, SMH. I’m not asking for money, free gas or anything. She actually still has a job because I said that I didn’t want her to lose it, I said that I’d be satisfied with training. It’s really sad, I posted the story out of anger and because I’ve never experienced anything like that before in my life but social media took it so far and it turned into a war of words. I’m just happy that it’s over.

  4. I know for a FACT that this cashier was not FIRED OR SUSPENDED.They did a COMPLETE investigation and found that the clerk did not do anything WRONG…AGAIN I KNOW THAT FOR A FACT..
    They watched the video and there were NO KIDS with her at said time she did not discount any gas for ANYONE..
    The original poster done a complete back peddle once she was investigated.There were witness’s in the store at the time of incident that came forward to said company in question and every single ONE of them said NONE of this woman’s story was true.TRUST me she lied and added to the story…And THE REASON that her original post is gone is BECAUSE once they found out it was all lies the clerk could have filed slander and deflimation charges on original poster and she was MADE to take the post down…SMH at what lengths people will go to,to destroy an honest person

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