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Come here sis let me love you!

On February 7th in Atlanta, Georgia actress Essence Adkins while promoting her new stage play at a radio station did something extraordinary. She washed a strangers feet! Now for those who don’t know in the Bible Jesus washed the disciples feet as a form of fellowship to show to them that he wasn’t better than them but actually their equal, and that he was showing how much he loved them. Now Adkins isn’t by any means saying that she is Jesus. But what she was saying is, sister girl I am you and you are me and even though we don’t know each other I know your struggle, I know the hate you feel, I know fight you fight, and I know it ain’t easy… And because of that I love you! Man, listen when I tell you that message brought tears to my eyes, I literally felt the love. So its only right that I spread that love, here now you take a look at the video in the link below and feel all this love!!

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