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Congratulations to Myka Smith, Owner of Born To Dance 330 – TK Ent!

Akron’s Own, Myka Smith & a couple of her girls from Born To Dance 330 – TK Ent.

Ear Kandy Radio would just like to take a minute to congratulate Myka Smith (Owner of Born To Dance 330 – TK Ent) and all her kids for working so hard in the community!  Myka is surely an inspiration to all the kids she works with, and she is also an inspiration to me as well!  It really takes a special person to devote so much time and energy into these kids.  Myka seems to do it effortlessly (anywhere you see Myka, you will usually see her with a group of her kids).

Myka and a few of the kids were recently invited to WKYC, the Channel 3 News station in Cleveland, OH to talk about all the things they have going on & how they have been helping in the community.  I know she doesn’t do any of this stuff for recognition, but you have to give credit when & when credit is due!  Take a look at this small clip posted from Myka’s page… and be sure to check out Channel 3 News when their segment airs.

Congratulations Myka Smith on a job well done!  Ear Kandy Radio salutes you!

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