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Copley liquor store owner shot just days after being attacked!

Prayers going out to the liquor store owner at the Copley liquor store in Akron, Ohio. Ear Kandy Radio report that the owner was attached outside of the store last Thursday. Well not even a week later he was shot.

Here’s what reports say “

Police responded just after 10:15 p.m. for reports of a robbery at Copley Express, 1414 Copley Road.

Police said the store owner and a female employee were closing and exiting the store when they were approached by an armed man.

The armed man shot the store owner in the leg and took the female’s purse, police said.

Police said the gunshot wound was non-life threatening. The store owner was taken to Cleveland Clinic Akron General Medical Center for treatment.”

Praying going out. No ones deserve to be shot! Check out our last article on the attach from Thursday

Updated blog at 310pm est

A photo from surveillance cameras of the suspect was released, police are looking for tips

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