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Copley Rd. Liquor Store Owner Beat Up

This video was sent to my inbox this morning, and it looks like the Copley Rd. liquor store owner (Jimmy) got beat up. No further details were given surrounding the altercation. All I know (from watching the video) is the suspect was pissed off!

I’m not sure if there has been any charges filed, but it looks like there were no life threatening injuries. Take a look at the video below. As a community… we have to do better people! That goes for the community, business owners, police and all the way up to the judges and people in office. We are so divided, and it is truly sad.

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7 thoughts on “Copley Rd. Liquor Store Owner Beat Up

  1. why keep patronizing his store if he is so rude. I wouldn’t go into a place of business consistently if the owner is being disrespectful. Getting an assault charge is just dumb on the offenders part. If you didn’t go there and continue to support him, his business would soon go under.

  2. I Hate To Say This But It’s True He Was Disrespectful Every Time I Go There He’s Calling People Of Color Out Of There Name He’s Rude He Thinks We Are Beneath Him He Called Me A Few Thing’s But His Wife Would Tell Me To Come Pay For My Thing’s Where She Was.

  3. I Really Hate What’s Going On Down There But It Need’s To Get Fixed Before Someone Gets Killed.

  4. Good job of beating his ass and taking the same stick he was going to use on you to let em feel what it feels like. People will learn to respect people one way or the other. Just because you own a place doesn’t mean you can act or treat people any kind of way.

  5. I stopped going there years ago. When Jim took an attitude when I used my credit card. I told him my money spends everywhere, and not there ever again. Stop going there and being disrespected by both of them. Mona is no different. Closing them down is the best thing for them and our community.


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