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Coronavirus conspiracy theories and facts

The coronavirus has started much controversy. Fictional information and much panic. Although the public just recently found out about the deadly virus new articles suggests the government already knew of the virus as early as December!

Unfortunately the tragic death of Kobe Bryant took the world by surprise. With everyone grieving over Kobe no one paid attention to the medical news. Articles surfaced via social media and it has people contradicting if the virus is a big of a threat as the media is making it.

If you check the date it says January 2020! It’s now March and the public is an uproar. Shopping at store and clearing them out! Multiple businesses have been shut down. Schools, restaurants, gyms and much more! It’s like the world is on punishment! I guess Mother Nature is unsatisfied with how we treat her!

The Coronavirus has been in the news we just have not been paying attention. Multiple states has been issued to go on quarantine. Restaurants are only allowed to do carry out orders. Multiple businesses have been closed! School is closed until April for now but could last longer than expected.

Voting polls in my city Akron Ohio has been postpone until June 2nd. Causing democrats to file a lawsuit against the state. Trump has been doing press conferences daily to keep the public updated on the virus and what we as the public can do to help!

The government is working on a strategy to compensate business owners as well as everyone who has been laid off due to the virus. Congress is proposing that every one will receive two stimulus checks, $1,000 once in April and again in May. The funds are suppose to go towards mortgages, rent and bills.

With the polls being postponed different conspiracy theories have come about, is Trump trying to postpone the election. Will he allow media to cause the public to panic and start Martial Law to stay in office. Stock markets significantly decreased. CEOs of top corporations has resisted from their positions. Having people question the true mystery what are they ( government) trying to cover up!

Will Trump “ bankrupt” America and reset the economy? We all know multiple businesses will suffer once this crisis is over. Many may not be able to reopen their establishments. Will the government sacrifice everything to start a new world order?

Martial Law is another topic during the epidemic. Citizens fear that the quarantine will last longer than 14 days due to recent updates on the crisis. As everyone knows the President is asking us to keep social distance during this time. No more than 10 people at one establishment at a time. If citizens don’t cooperate will military reinforcements come take over?

2020 has been a hell of a year and we’re only three months in! Let’s not forget Australia was on fire for months! Glaciers in Arctic areas were melting! Now a respiratory infection that is manipulating fasting than they can come up with a cure! Praying for America as a whole! Remember nothing is greater than your Goddess or God!

To see full facts on the virus click the link to get factual information. And as always remember to check out our Website where we bring you facts on ALL topics! Stay safe and wash your hand!

Click me https://coronavirus.ohio.gov/wps/portal/gov/covid-19/

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