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Courageous Woman Lays In Boyfriend’s Blood After Being Jumped By 9 People

Breaking News in Ohio (both of the victims are from Akron, OH but not sure what city the attack occurred in yet).

Justice Rose from Akron, OH was brutally attacked, along with her boyfriend Julian Fort.

Justice uploaded a video of the attack with a heart felt post, and I don’t know her personally, but my heart is truly grieving for her, Julian and the entire situation. Her post is pasted below, along with a video that is very hard to watch of the attack. Not many woman would have did what she did. I am not sure about Julialn’s condition. As the story unfolds, I will keep you guys posted. Prayers to both of them!!!

We was supposed to be going to friend of the family party , when me and pulled up it was all these niggas outside the hotel and I told him like idk them all like that so we going straight in , so as we going in this tall light skin nigga call himself trying to pull my dress up and Julian told me this ain’t that , then Out of no where two nigga came up running from behind hitting him in head and knocked him out that’s when like 7 more niggas started jumping I’m trying my hardest to get them off him but I can’t , so I just got on the ground and held his head up so they wouldnt stomping him out and kill him , some niggas was even hitting me too , grabbing moving me so they can hit more . He in a comma and might not wake up I stg I sat in my niggas blood all night praying asking god to save him .

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2 thoughts on “Courageous Woman Lays In Boyfriend’s Blood After Being Jumped By 9 People

  1. Looser everyone involved…That shit ant cool…Now thats a true ride or die chick…So sorry you and yours had to go through this…im a strong believer in karma trust me they will get theirs…God give Julian the strength to rise during this craziness

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