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Court Me By Courtney 10-21-17

I am your host Courtney and Court Me by Courtney is a dating game show. It seems real romance is so rare nowadays, so we would like to bring real dating and courting back to the forefront of relationships.

Every week, we will have one bachelor and one bachelorette of the week. We pick 3 dates for each of them (based off who we feel will be most compatible) and bring everybody on the show. The show will consists of games and questions to see who is truly most compatible. At the end of each segment, the guest bachelor and bachelorette will pick one person to go on a date with.

Tuning in is easy… just down load the EAR KANDY RADIO app in you APP/PLAY store. We also have music, past shows and sponsor commercials playing 24/7 on the app and website (earkandyradio.com)… And you can always call on to listen or comment 657-383-1712.

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