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Credit Restoration

Rebuilding Your Credit

With credit restoration, you can repair, rebuild, and restore your credit in as little a 6 months with the proper credit restoration specialist. The goal is to raise your debt to income ratio, increase your credit score, and become financially smart with how credit can work for you. With the 6 steps below you can start your credit restoration journey.

  1. Pull all 3 of your credit reports by visiting www.annualcreditreport.com 
  2. Look at your credit reports for errors (bad addresses, incorrect reporting information, etc.)
  3. Catch up on past due payments
  4. Start paying your bills on time
  5. Open a secured credit card
  6. Start good financial habits (overthink everything before adding it to your credit)


Gabrielle M. Daniel
Vice President
SOS 1040 Plus, LLC
Ph: 330-836-2100
Fax: 330-319-3030


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