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Da Baby Arrested In Miami

Rapper Da Baby spent his New Years Eve in Miami, Florida for his performance at a club. He was arrested Thursday night Jan 2nd , 2020 for questioning about a robbery. According to TMZ a videos shows Da Baby’s crew robbing a man in the middle of the street.

The police report explains the person in this alleged robbery shorted Da Baby on his money he handed him 10k but he was supposed to be paying 20k for a concert he was performing at on Thursday. You can’t play with nobody about their MONEY period that’s a lot of money to be missing out on , Its unprofessional and bad business. I don’t feel bad what happened to the JANKY PROMOTERS maybe this will teach a lesson to not shortened nobody else on their money. Prayers to Da Baby it’s been a rough couple weeks for him recently he was arrested in North Carolina after he performed at Bojangles Coliseum he was cited for marijuana possession he claimed the police always harasses him when he comes to his hometown. The police definitely does pick with people it’s sad go solve a real crime like a murder or how these women are missing being sex trafficked. A spokesman named Juan Diasgranados for the Miami-Dade Corrections & Rehabilitation Department, said DaBaby, who has a warrant issued in Texas, will remain in jail until he faces a judge January 3rd. Unfortunately Da Baby went to court and wasn’t released now he has to stay in jail according to The Shade Room they posted a video of him in court today. Click the link for the videos.

Check out Lil Boosie reaction when he finds out about Da baby being in jail click the link below

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