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Da Baby VS. Trey Songz – Who’s Package Is More Desirable

Both Trey Songz and Da Baby’s nudes were (allegedly) exposed, and they have been some of the most trending articles on our website to date. Neither of them admitted to the leaked videos, but neither of them went out their way to deny them either.

So I wanted to ask the readers who is more desirable as a man, Trey Songz or Da Baby?

You have some women who prefer darker skin men and then you have the ladies who like the light skin fellas. We pretty much have the best of both worlds here, they both have that bad boy persona and not to mention the leaked nudes!

So ladies… who is more desirable? If you had to pick one… which one would you pick? Below are the links to both of their leaked nudes to see their alleged packages for comparison. Comment below & tell me who’s your pick!?

>>>>Da Baby’s Tape

>>>>Trey Songz Tape

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