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DAMN The Whole Family is Mad at Tristan… Even KANYE!!!


Seems like the world is against Tristan Thompson right now for his recent shenanigans, cheating on (then pregnant) Khloe Kardashian.  I mean, you can’t be too mad at the man for doing what he did to get Khloe in the 1st place (or can we)?   You know the saying, “the same way you get him will be the same way you lose him” and I’m not saying that home girl loss her man, but she definitely took a loss.

But let’s talk about it.  What would you do if you were in her shoes?  Would you forgive your baby daddy for publicly humiliating you, days before you gave birth to your 1st child?  Do you think she will stay?  And if she does choose to stay with him… do you think she will be giving him the open, revolving door to continue to cheat on her whenever he damn well pleases?  I don’t know, maybe he was just frustrated & needed sex really bad?!  But damn homie, shouldn’t you be focusing on these play-offs my G?

Looks like the entire family is pissed with Tristan and it made for an awkward delivery of their daughter.  I guess they did allow him to be in the room, but gave him the silent treatment the entire time and didn’t even want him to hold the baby.  Now that’s taking it a little too far.  How can you deny a man of holding their own child?  But even your boy Kanye West chimed in and said he wanted to kick Tristan’s ass for the way he did his wife’s sister.  Kim Kardashian is pissed off as well.

Shame on you Tristan Thompson!!!  Putting the mother of your child through that right before she had the baby was horrible.   Can you imagine the level of stress she is going through right now?  What is supposed to be a joyous occasion for you two has turned into a nightmare.  SMH…  Prayers to Khloe  #StayStrongBoo

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