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Damn… Twitter Says Serena Williams Looks Like A Transgender Person

Now you guys know Twitter can be ruthless… SMH! But to me, this was totally uncalled for.

Serena Williams announced she would be donating all the money she wins in her tournament (Australian Open) to help with all the damage from the wildfires. When she arrived in Australia (after a 16 hour flight), she fans and foes had a lot to say not only about what she was wearing, but also about her looking like a transgender man!

Image result for serena williams looks like a man

WOW… OUCH!!! Take a look at the pictures below… and tell me what you guys think. Is Twitter just being mean or do they have a valid point? My thing is, Serena Williams is clearly a mother. So how is she a transgender man??

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3 thoughts on “Damn… Twitter Says Serena Williams Looks Like A Transgender Person

  1. Y’all need to stop it she look like the Beautiful Black Woman that she is. Stop all the Hate

  2. That THING is a MAN..
    Mother .. fake belly shot in pregnancy pic.. Movies do this all the time..
    Surrogate Mother
    Are Ya frigging blind .
    That Dog is A cheating piece of …..
    Playing against smaller women.
    God has a Place for IT..(her?).. Hope IT likes Heat. It should be stripped of All of the money It’s Ever made.and turned over to Each woman She.. It…cheated them out of.
    Take A DNA test.to Prove otherwise. It’s brother(Venus). Too
    Sue the Father..Uncle.. whatever that person is… for FRAUD ALL Money taken away.

  3. I always thought Serena looked very manly and like a transsexual once she hit her thirties. Big broad shoulders and hands as big as Kawhi. Those huge penciled in eyebrows do not exude a very female look.

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