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Daycare owner shoots husband for molesting children

Shanteari Weems, 50, of Randallstown, Maryland, is accused of shooting her husband of 5years, for allegedly molesting multiple children at her daycare. Weems revealed that she owns a childcare center in Baltimore County and that she had recently received numerous calls from parents of the children accusing her husband of molesting their kids.

The couple had gon to a D.C. hotel for the evening. Weems claims that the calls made her very emotional so she decided to bring it up to her husband. During that conversation, Weems says, the situation escalated into an argument, and at some point during the argument, her husband stood up and walked in her direction. Weems says that is when she retrieved her gun and shot her husband. In reports later she said she didn’t want to kill her husband but did want to paralyze him to get justice for the children.

When the police arrived to the room around 7:30pm the victim then shouted to the officers that he was inside the room and had been shot in the head and leg, to which Weems responded by telling him to “SHUT UP” and threatening to kill the victim. Police say during a conversation, they asked Weems if there was a person who had been shot inside the room, to which Weems replied that “he’s a child molester.” She also reiterated to the officers that she never intended to kill him, if she wanted to, she would have while they were trying to gain entry to the room. But she did say she wanted to kill herself.

According to police, the husband was taken to an area hospital with life-threatening injuries after the shooting, no update on his condition. Weems has been charged with assault with intent to kill. She is being held without bond. Her next hearing is scheduled for Monday.

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