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Daycare Worker Given Only PROBATION After Admitting Trying To Hang A Child

When something in the justice system happens that is “unfair” … I really hate that we have to mention the race card EVERY TIME!  But just because I hate to do something doesn’t mean it’s not the truth!  This is the reality for black people.  We have to continually see our people get raped and railroaded by the “justice system” while we watch so many white people get a slap on the wrist for a lot worse crimes than we have committed.

Take this story for example.  43 year old (Ukrainian immigrant) Natalia Karia from Hennepin County, Minneapolis admitted to trying to hang a toddler who she was caring for back in November of 2016.  She is blaming it on  accusations of her husband being abusive and controlling which caused her severe mental illness.  She was sentenced on Monday 7/16/18 and she also addressed the court for 25 minutes pleading her case.  

She apologized and begged the mother of the child to forgive her.  On the day in question when she tried to hang the toddler (who was only 16 months old at the time) she put him in a noose in her basement because “she just couldn’t take it anymore.”  Thank God there was another parent there who was picking up their child who saved the baby!!! There was also a pedestrian and bicyclist who was struck by her car as she drove away.  

She claims that she was suicidal for a few weeks leading up to her trying to hang the baby and her husband would not get her the help she needed.  Ummm  yea, OKAY lady!  If you were suicidal, why try to kill an innocent child??  But the state was seeking the maximum jail sentence for Natalia Karia & there she would be able to get the mental help that she needed.  But for some reason, the judge (Judge Jay Quam) ruled that she will serve 10 years of probation. 

He claims that her mental state is the main reason for her reduced sentence, in addition to over 20 character letters submitted by friends, family members and even other parents of the kids she cared for whom all claimed that was totally out of her character.  As part of her probation conditions… she will not be allowed to work at any daycare facilities.

But back to my 1st thoughts starting this article.  If you guys can remember Michael Vick and when he got in trouble for fighting dogs, he was sentenced to two years in federal prison.  TWO YEARS for fighting a DOG and this woman here gets probation for trying to kill a baby!  Where is the justice???  If you don’t see anything wrong with this scenario, then you are apart of the problem too.  Anytime we value an animal’s life more than the life of a human being, you know we are truly F*CK*D.  & please excuse my language!  I am not saying that dog fighting is not wrong, but I believe his punishment was way too harsh & I believe this woman Natalia Kiara’s punishment was not harsh enough… but what’s new?  Just another day in the life of being black in America.


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