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Dayton Firefighter Vows To Ruin #BLM Mural In Akron Where Na’Kia Crawford Was Murdered

Dayton firefighter, Mike Gomori, has shown his true, racist colors today… after vowing to ruin the brand new #BlackLivesMatter mural painted in Akron, OH.

Mike thinks if people actually had jobs, they would not have time to paint a BLM mural (even though over 45 million Americans have filed for unemployment after the coronavirus pandemic struck).

I truly hope the Dayton Fire Department sees what type of person they have working for them and make some adjustments!

UPDATED: 6/19/20 @ 9.41 PM – The Dayton Fire Department said he no longer works for them, and hasn’t for over a year… but they strongly disagree with his statements & would like for him to remove any affiliation with them.

The location of the mural is at the site where Na’kia Crawford, 18-year-old high school graduate was senselessly murdered on June 14, 2020. After getting national attention, the Akron Police Department was able to get three suspects in custody (after initial rumors circulated of the murderer being racially motivated and done by a white man).

Adarus Black, 17 from Lakemore, Jaion Bivins, 18 from Akron and Janisha George, 24 from Akron, have all been charged in connection with the murder of beautiful Na’kia Crawford.

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One thought on “Dayton Firefighter Vows To Ruin #BLM Mural In Akron Where Na’Kia Crawford Was Murdered

  1. Was it really necessary to put the man’s little girl’s face on the news post.The piece of crap fireman deserves it but you putting the childs pic in it will probably get her beat up everyday in school just because her father’s a POS racist bastard.

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