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Dead Body & Drugs Discovered In Summit County Traffic Stop

Coventry Township, OH – Wednesday night, August 27, 2019, around 11:00 p.m., State Troopers pulled over a Ford Expedition on South Arlington & Krumroy, after observing what they called “criminal indicators.”

Two men were asked to get out of the vehicle and upon a body search, meth was found on one of the men. They were placed in the backseat of the patrol car, and the State Troopers began to search the vehicle. They soon discovered a dead body and meth amphetamines found inside of an SUV during the traffic stop, along with boxes of electronics.

Looks like the men were actually transporting the dead body “legally” back to their funeral home. The Troopers allowed them to leave and continue their trip, after issuing a summons for the man who had meth on him.

No identification has been made on the men or on the funeral home, but I have so many questions. Why was the body being transported at 11:00 pm? Why didn’t the men inform the State Troopers of the dead body before they “stumbled” across it? Was the body in a coffin or something to preserve it? I guess no laws were broken, but story seems a little fishy.

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