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Deal Maker Or Deal Breaker

Relationship Goals? Yea or Naw?

Relationship Goals Tips by Deanna Whitlow

According to Seven Main Relationship Goals ‘Respect, Communication, and Honesty’ are the Top 3 Tips for a successful and solid relationship. As Summer ends and Falls begins,’Cuffing Season’ is the reason Let’s Talk About It.

Respect- Treat others the way you want to be treated………. In my humble opinion……….This is a Naw. Often I hear in order to get respect you have give respect, but when it comes to a relationship men don’t often respect women equally.

Communication- Talking about your feelings is not silly or lame. It should help you understand one another faults, thoughts, and decision making factors……This is a Yea……Expressing your feelings at any moment should be the tool to lower arguments.

Honesty- No one likes to be lied to……..Everyone states honesty is clearly a big part of making a relationship……..This is a Naw. Honesty can be a problem maker, especially when the other individual doesn’t display how to not take things personally and to be unselfish according the others action or decision whether it is valued or not.

What are your 3 most important Goals in a relationship?

What is the Deal Maker  as to seeing the other individual as your life long partner?

Do you think it’s a gift or a curse, balancing out career moves and relationship boundaries?




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