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Fighting your inner critic

Have you ever heard the statement “we are, our biggest enemies”? Well truth be told we are. So often we make a mistake and we will be the first to beat our own ass about it. Psychologist say instead of fighting yourself, thank yourself for wanting to do better and holding yourself accountable for your mistakes. However, You have to be your own best friend. An old ancient proverb states “If there is no enemy on the inside no enemy on the outside can get in”. This is very crucial to self love and self awareness. Being aware of your thoughts and inner critic. Some people think talking to yourself is a sign of craziness but psychologist actually encourage it. Of course you may not want to hold a big conversation with yourself out in public but the moment your inner critic is battling with you, is a good time to talk to yourself and acknowledge your flaws but to also be great to have made your mistakes as they are only lessons to learn from. Self awareness is key to self mastery. Recognizing your feelings and being mindful of your thoughts will help keep your inner critic calm. Writing down your thoughts, remembering your accomplishments and the goals you have ahead will help refocus on your mind. Distracting yourself from the inner critic and not fighting but making peace with it. Going for a walk, working out, doing yoga, listening to calm soothing music are just a couple of steps you can take to distract your mind from beating yourself up. Say kind words and send positive messages to someone else could also help make their day. We are all through something, so being the person to send positive vibes will bring it back to you. What you put out in the world comes back to you. Always be mindful……

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