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Dear Oprah Winfrey how can you love a black man yet help destroy other black men?

Before I start myself nor Ear Kandy Radio support rape, sexual abuse, sexual assault with adults or children, an any way. One deserves to be took advantage of….

Recently Russell Simmons and 50 Cent called out Oprah Winfrey on her defecation of Black men in the industry. She has done multiple documentaries on black men accused of sexual allegations but not caucasian men. Harvey Weinstein was just in the media for sexual allegations and she was silent on his lawsuit.

Oprah & Harvey Weinstein

I recently did a article on Mr. Weinstein and his pay off for his (multiple) sexual assault lawsuit! He paid off multiple women and is NOT in jail. He also was allowed to get the case filed with his bankruptcy and having a third party pay. ( view The DeAnna Kay show page for the full story)

Russell Simmons and 50 Cent

Oprah has done documentaries on multiple black men in the industry. Yet when caucasian men are facing similar or worse criminal charges she was silent. Oprah has help destroy high profile black men in the industry. Oprah did the Neverland’s documentary on Michael Jackson.

Oprah Winfrey & Michael Jackson

Oprah has done documentaries, interviews, and shows on men including R. Kelly, Russell Simmons and Bill Cosby. Russell Simmons and 50 Cent Shed light on the issue recently via social media. Again no man deserves to get off on ANY assault! But it does raise questions as to why a Africa American ( Black) woman would constantly go after black men and be silent on caucasian men. If you’re going to bring awareness to a situation no party should be left out..

Can you love a black man and still assist in tearing other black men down?

Check out the video below and tell me you’re thoughts on the topic. Are black women helping destroy our black men and accepting of the caucasian men? Is she apart of a bigger plan to help break down Africa America men? I’ll let you be the judge and tune in Tuesday night 8pm EST to the DeAnna Kay Show to speak on the topic. With DeAnna Kay and Queen Ke…. talk to you Tuesday

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