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Dear Wayne, (anonymous viewer needs parenting advice)

I want to ask your audience a question anonymously…. So back when my baby was about 4/5months old i got a call from her dad when i was at work one day saying she had some “scratches” so I’m like wtf but ok send me a picture. I kid you not he sent me a picture of hickies on my child’s boobs which btw had a little bit of milk in them because my hormone levels were so high when i was pregnant. So we get into this big falling out about it i banned him from getting my baby and stuff and his mom was like “ he would never do anything to hurt the baby. He didn’t mean to leave those he was playing” you know stuff like that. His mom plays a huge part in my child’s life like my child damn near worships her lol but she does really well by my child. Sooo fast forward my child almost 5 and someone my kid speaks with told me that my baby doesn’t like the father. He bites my baby on a birthmark that is on the lower abdomen and it hurts so my child doesn’t want to go to his house anymore. I have him blocked as he does me so i can’t speak with him about it but i know if i say something to his mom she will just make excuses like before. My child and his mom have a really tight relationship so i don’t want to just keep her away period but i know that i can’t run her house so when my child is with her she will most likely still bring him around my child. I just don’t know what to do so i need some opinions.

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