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Deelishis New Look – Is it too much?!

So we all remember Deelishis (initially hitting the scene from Flavor of Love) with her banging body!  I say with her banging body, because people have always talked about how her body is nice but her face is not (and this is not my opinion, but just what I’ve heard people talking about).

So, she got some cosmetic surgery done and people are seriously on her case about it!  I think she actually looks good, like really good.  Here are some of pictures she posted on Instagram and her fans will not give her a break.  But it just honestly shows you how people will always have something to say no matter what you do.

The photo’s since gone viral and Deelishis quickly became a trending topic courtesy of folks who are adamant that she’s unrecognizable because she completely knifed up her face.  Do you think her cosmetic surgery was too much??  Does she look anything like she used to look??  Has Deelishis gone too far??  Or do you think this is just right??  Let’s blog about it?




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