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Def Jam’s YFL KELVIN Gives Back in Cleveland, OH at the Villa!

Ear Kandy  Radio wanted to take a minute to shine some light on an artist who decided to spend his Sunday afternoon out in the cold rain, giving back to the people of the Cleveland community.  

YFL KELVIN, an artist from Cleveland, OH who just recent signed a major deal with Def Jam Records earlier this year.  He has been pushing his latest song NASDAQ – who knows about the stock market as he relates his money flow to the popular stock NASDAQ. “My Pockets going up like the NASDAQ”  

But back to this past weekend, he took the time out his busy schedule to do


The event was held at the Villa located in Mayfield Heights & sponsored by UHAUL, Z1079, Elements, DASH, The Table Solutions, YFL & LK.  

YFL Kelvin was there with his team, passing out turkeys.  From the looks of his social media page, he seemed to really be happy to be there and giving back to his community.  The holidays are supposed to be a happy time, but it’s actually sad for a lot of people.  So many people go without the bare necessities of life (food, water, shelter), so the holidays make it even hard for many.  I’m so thankful to have good people still existing in our communities to give back!

Thank you YFL Kelvin for not forgetting about your people or where you come from!  Happy Holidays to you.

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