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Democratic Primary Election Results Aired The Day Before Election

An Illinois news station (WCIA 3) has gone viral for airing the results of the Democratic Primary Election.

Well it’s election time, so why are they going viral… you ask? Well, it just so happens they aired the results on Monday March 16, 2020, the day BEFORE the primary election official voting day is actually scheduled.

The video aired during Price is Right and the results show Joe Biden beating Bernie Sanders by only 5% of the votes. According to the news station (allegedly) this was a mistake, an accident, and was only a part of the graphic testing which accidentally went live.

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WCIA 3 news director said none of the number were based on any real poling results and they apologized because it was an error by their team, as they are currently doing election rehearsals with test data and they did not intend for it to go on TV.

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