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Derrick “500 Hardy” Hardy Up and coming Artist: Exclusive interview

“500 Hardy”, 27 was born and raised in Canton, OH as Derrick Hardy. He’s the eldest of 4 other sibling, 3 sisters, one of which is wheelchair bound, and a brother. They were raised by a single mother. His uncle was his father figure. His father was absent. He was a man from Detroit where, Hardy remembers spending some summers in the East Warren Projects. His father was known as a big time drug dealer who met his mom during a “run and bomb”.

Hardy’s mother worked 2-3 jobs at a time to provide for her family.  She typically worked 8-12 hours a day so it was hard to keep her son from following after his father’s footsteps, and it wasn’t lit before he did.

Hardy tried to play football to keep him busy, but was pulled into the street Life and eventually joined a gang.

He loved school and was a pretty good student, but he had behavoiral issues due to him being outspoken. He didn’t always agree with some of the things he was being taught and sometimes his disagreements would land him in trouble. At one point, Hardy scored so high on a test that he was able to move from junior high to high school. He continued with his rebellious behaviors and was later kicked out and sent to Atlanta, Georgia.

Derrick Hardy acknowledges his uncle as someone he looked up to, who was his father figure. He was a man that was into music and always so happen to get his uncle’s attention every time he started rapping. Even though he was into sports, his uncle really took a liking for his nephew’s music.

Hardy had the support of his uncle and grandmother but didn’t take it serious until his grandmother passed away which motivated him because she was one who truly believed in him making rap a career.

Sadly Hardy ended up losing his uncle as well. His mother changed her lifestyle and became saved woman.

Hardy raps about the pain he faced as a child. After losing his only father figure, he stepped up his music career. When asked who inspired him, he said a voice in his head. It tells him to keep going and to never give up on music. Without music, he would be lost.

Drake inspired him to want to step up lyrically. Ironically, Hardy expressed his dislike for iconic rapper 2Pac. He believes 2Pac made it okay for men that didn’t live the street life to rap about a struggle they’ve never experienced.  He shared that Tupac had a good upbringing, went on to college and had a man that encouraged him to be a strong leader. He always believes that 2Pac isn’t dead.

His goals as a rapper include being able to provide for all 5 of his children. Also, buying back the Canton area projects where he was raised, “Sky Line Terrance”.

500 Hardy has made it to World Star Hip Hop, reaching over a million hits. His “pain and hustle” inspired music has attracted strong minded and accepting people, much like himself. A very positive person in almost any situation. Never getting any closure from the lost of his uncle, Hardy only hopes to be making him proud.

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