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Did Tom Brady Calls His Boy The “N” Word?

After losing their 1st game of the season to the Boston Ravens last night, Tom Brady (New England Patriots quarter back) has been accused of saying the “N” word on camera!

Brady saw his old opponent Ed Reed, who was at the game, and embraced him saying

” They know you’re my Kryptonite…….”

Now what was said after “Kryptonite” is what’s in question. It sounds like he could’ve said “my nigga” but multiple online sources are claiming he said “and they’ve got to bring you back.” The subtitles on NBC also don’t match what it sounds like he said, but it could just be me. I’ll let you guys be the judge of that, just listen to the audio clip below. What do you think he said? But also, is it okay for white people to say the “N” word if they are not saying it maliciously?

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