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Did You Receive An Error When Applying For Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA)?

Since the world was shutdown due to the coronavirus as businesses have closed their doors and most workers/consumers have gone into lockdown, more than 45 million people have filed unemployment claims.

There are two different types of Unemployment assistance being offered, and it seems one method is being processed a lot quicker.

Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA, which helps people who would normally not qualify for unemployment assistance) seems to have a processing turn around of one to three weeks as long as the recipient completes all the needed paperwork. However, not all people are eligible to file for PUA. I was one of those people and received this error below.

I was confused, because I have never filed for unemployment, so I couldn’t understand why I was being told to log into my unemployment account.

The reason I received the error message was because I had wages reported from an employer in the period of time they use to look back. I had to file a regular unemployment claim, which seems to process far less quickly. I filed at the end of May and I am still waiting. From what I understand, once you are approved, unemployment will backdate your payment from the date you applied.

If you are denied for regular unemployment, you can appeal it and/or file a claim under the PUA.

If you have any questions regarding unemployment, you can visit the federal website >>> Click here, or call them at 877-644-6562. They open at 7:00 am, so I would advise you to call as early as possible because the lines fill up fast.

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