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Disgruntled Man Commits Murder/ Suicide After Incident With Neighbors Turned Deadly

Pennsylvania – Three people have lost their lives after having a dispute over where to shovel their snow turned deadly.

According to NBC news, snow shoveling incident ended in a murder-suicide in after neighbors had a heated exchange over exactly where to dump the snow after shoveling

The video shows that the Goys (the neighbors) shoveled snow from their parking spots and pushed it across the street and threw it onto Spaide’s property. After Spaide asked the couple to stop throwing snow onto his property, the neighbors got into an argument where they appear to have exchanged obscene gestures and expletives. Prosecutors said James Goy threatened Spaide and cocked his fist, prompting Spaide to retreat into his home and return outside with a pistol.

While the Goys knew he had a gun, prosecutors said they continued to shout names at him from the middle of the street. Spaide opened fire and shot the Goys before returning to his home to get another gun to finish the job, according to prosecutors.

The way the prosecutors wrote up their reports almost makes it seems like it’s okay because the Goys threatened him by “cocking his fist.” It’s so sad three lives are now gone over such a petty incident.

Take a look at the video below at your own risk. Video is very graphic.

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One thought on “Disgruntled Man Commits Murder/ Suicide After Incident With Neighbors Turned Deadly

  1. These stupid people brought this upon themselves. Their deaths are a factor of their own folly. If you stick a stick in the bear’s cave and wake him up – what do you expect. I feel more sorry for the shooter. They deliberately shoveled snow on to his property when he asked them not. Then they kept on with their mis-doings and the started to berate the man with all types of foul language. You act like stupid person get treated like one. This is the perfect example how to die like an idiot. As a matter of fact the man calling the shooter a “P” was the “P” – when his wife was shot he ran off and left her instead a staying by her side. Both these “P’s” got what they deserved.

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