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Disgruntled Neighbor Calls Cops On Kids Selling Lemonade in Akron, OH

So I know what you’re probably all thinking…  Another white person called the police on a child of color AGAIN.  But NOPE!!!  This time it was a black woman who called the police on her black neighbors for having a lemonade stand next door to her.  This happened right here in Akron, Oh on the corner of Beechwood & Copley Rd. on the west side.  According to the video, the neighbor is upset because she feels like her kids should be eating for free.  You guys have to take a look at this video.

This is just SAD!!!  The police came out to the scene and did their job.  They told the mother they needed to have a permit to do what they are doing.  Also according to the video, the neighbor was being rude and nasty with them & she said the police didn’t do or say anything to her.  & did you see the little boy cursing, talking about he is grown???  But there is honestly no excuse for what the neighbor did.  I’m not sure if they had any other issues going on in addition to what is seen on the video, but this is what’s wrong with our community.  Everybody is trying to figure out how somebody can help them instead of trying to help somebody!  The police are being called for issues that can be handled between neighbors, then they always have to look like the bad guy.  To be honest, it looks like the police didn’t even want to really be there.  What can we do to bring our community together?

Let’s start off by helping these kids raise the money for their permit.  They have created a donation page and they are well on their way. Click Here to Donate ANYTHING HELPS!!!

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