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Can Biden fix this Mess?

If Joe Biden wins the 2020 election, can he really fix this mess? Can he make America great again? Can he overcome Covid-19, unemployment, healthcare and the failing economy. Can he help the low and middle class? He will definitely have a full plate! What are your thoughts? Media endorsements are pouring in for Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, with the election eight days away. Dozens of major news outlets have endorsed Joe. Some major publications, including USA Today and Scientific American, broke with decades-long traditions to give their nods to the former vice president. The outlets join at least 40 newspapers across the nation that have backed Biden as of October 28. By this stage in the election cycle, most voters have ...
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NBA sprints toward a new season starting in December

The NBA season ended late due to Covid-19 and is suspected to start back in December. The quick turn around is not giving the championship Lakers enough time to rest. Will players return in December or wait a few extra months? Do you think Dec 22nd is too soon? The NBA is reportedly pushing for next season to begin on December 22, a quicker turn-around than expected from the finish of the 2019-20 season. Los Angeles Lakers veteran Danny Green told The Ringer that he doesn't think Lakers players will want to show up for training camp with such a short offseason. Green said LeBron James might not show up for the first month, citing the wear-and-tear of James' ninth ...
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Did you know these celebs support Trump?

Do you often wonder who supports Trump? A few celebrities are below. Do you think his supporters are racist? Do you think Biden's supporters are not racist? Don't we all have a choice to support who we want? Why is it such a big argument during election year? DANA WHITE UFC PRESIDENT ROSEANN BARR SCOTT BAIO DENNIS QUAID...............................TED NUGENT...................................JON VOIGHT KIRSTIE ALLEY JAMES WOODS STACEY DASH WILLIE ROBERTSON DUCK DYNASTY DEAN CAIN KID ROCK COLBY COVINGTON UFC FIGHTER..................................MARIANO RIVERA MLB STEPHEN BALDWIN ROBERT DAVI 50 CENT CONOR MCGREGOR Let EarKandy know who you support ...
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Will you vote TRUMP for a bigger stimulus?

The president is promising a bigger stimulus if he wins the 2020 election. Who will you vote for? Will this change your decision? Do you think Trump will keep his word? ‘After the election, we’ll get the greatest stimulus package you’ve ever seen’ In classic Trump style, the president vowed to deliver a generous plan at some point -- if voters reelect him and give him a Republican Congress to work with. “After the election, we’ll get the greatest stimulus package you’ve ever seen,” Trump told reporters outside the White House. “Because I think we’re going to take back the House.... we’ll take back the House and the Senate. Trump is trailing in polls and analysts predict Democrats will pad ...
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Mike Tyson Confronts Boosie on his comments about Dwyane Wade’s Transgender Daughter

Boosie/Tyson interview and what was said. Boosie's response below. Do you agree with Boosie? Is he homophobic or concerned about children making lifetime decisions at a young age? What is your opinion? Boosie Badazz made headlines earlier this year after his transphobic and homophobic comments about Dwyane Wade's transgender child. Months later, however, the rapper had to stand on his words in front of the proverbial "Baddest Man on the Planet," Mike Tyson. Close to 10 minutes into Boosie's appearance on Hotboxin' With Mike Tyson, he pressed the rapper about why he takes objection to people living in their truths. "Why do you say things about people who might be a homosexual? Why do you say that about them?" Tyson ...
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Ohio attorney arrested, charged w human trafficking after investigation

Women victims are in tears after The "Untouchable" attorney has finally been charged. After more than 15 years of allegations, Guilty should be the next verdict!! For more than 15 years, accusers of Michael Mearan felt as if they were screaming into the void. In voices with emotion and seemingly hardened with trauma, they stepped forward – cautiously, with trepidation – to level their allegations: that Mearan, a former Portsmouth, Ohio, city councilman and still-practicing attorney, trapped them in a cycle of drug abuse and sexual servitude. They told their stories to agents with the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration. To FBI investigators. To journalists with The Cincinnati Enquirer, part of the USA TODAY Network. The worst that came of it ...
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Order ASAP for on-time Christmas delivery

Make sure you shop early this year. Online delivery is taking twice as long during the pandemic. Shipping will also cost more the closer we get to December 25th. A surge in online purchases during the pandemic means that parcel delivery services are struggling to keep up with shipments. Demand for shipping has reached levels they didn't expect to deliver until several years from now. Good luck getting your holiday gifts delivered on time this year. Senders, recipients and those who deliver the shipments -- are growing concerned about an even bigger surge in shipments as the holiday season gets underway. "The spread of Covid-19 in the US has triggered such an increase in e-commerce since March that shipping volumes ...
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Grocery stores are preparing for a second wave of panic buying

Stock up now, store shelves are looking slim! The hoarders are in panic mode and buying everything. The hoarding began slowly in spring as forward-thinking shoppers snapped up masks and hand sanitizer. But once Americans realized the pandemic was serious, they emptied stores of just about everything, from toilet paper to canned soup. With an alarming increase in COVID-19 cases this fall, panic buying could return as worries of a second lockdown spread. Retailers say they’re already seeing the signs and are hopeful they’ll be ready. Even when people aren’t panicking and picking the shelves clean, the way we eat and shop has changed significantly. Adults and children are spending much more time at home, preparing their own meals. The ...
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Trick or Treat 2020: NE Ohio

Covid 2020 Trick or Treat News Please honor all safety and COVID-19 related restrictions, including wearing a mask and social distancing when and where required. NOTE: Houses participating in trick or treating will have their front lights on, any houses not participating in trick or treat will not have their front lights on. As things continue to change during this time, it is always a good idea to verify details, closures, hours of operation, and any requirements or procedures for guests before visiting. Trick or Treat 2020: Dates, Times & Locations in Northeast Ohio Have a safe and fun-filled trick or treat! Akron – Saturday, October 31, 2020; 5pm-7pm (To participate, turn on your porch light.)Alliance – Saturday, October 31, ...
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New Stimulus Is Close, Not Before Election Day but by end of year

As the 2nd stimulus saga continues.......... The Push Me/Pull You of Washington politics over a new round of economic stimulus appears close to an agreement. But the timing of when money will arrive to your home remains in flux. The two sides had set a Monday deadline, but that came and went without a breakthrough. That left both to finger-point as to who was to blame for yet another stalemate. President Donald Trump said Pelosi “would rather wait till after the election — she thinks it’s a good point for the election.” He echoed Mnuchin, who said she was “dug in,” a remark likely echoed on the other side of the table. Pelosi doesn’t want to give Trump a political ...
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