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Do you have questions on marijuana laws in Ohio?

Do you have questions on marijuana laws in Ohio? Have you ever wonder if they police can search a vehicle because they smell marijuana? Well in honor of 4/20 a national holiday for marijuana lovers! I’ll be hosting a Blunts and politics segment.

The show will be held on Zoom app with many different people. We we talk about marijuana laws. How voting can help pass the law and much more! You can watch live by joining the meeting or wait till it’s uploaded on Facebook, instagram or our YouTube channel.

This presentation is brought to you By The Freedom Block. An organization build to empower Blacks on politics, laws and the importance of voting. Many Black don’t vote for various reasons yet complain about the injustice they endure from police, roads not being paved and much more!

This organization breaks down the laws and policies so we can understand them. They teach you how to take action once you learn what you need to do to make changes. They teach you to use your voice and take action! We can complain all day but without action nothing will change.

Tonight’s topic will focus on Marijuana laws and your rights as people. Click the link below to join the Zoom call and place your comments or ask questions!


Click the link to join the call and remember this organization is for the people! To us ALL the laws and our rights!

Please join us this evening at 9pm as we celebrate 4/20 with our first ever Blunts & Politics with Special Guest Host Ear Kandy Radio’s Own DeAnna Kay of the DeAnna Kay Show
We will discuss marijuana legalization, criminal justice reform and other political issues that affect the Black community.

Topic: Blunts & Politics
Time: Apr 20, 2020 09:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

see you tonight roll up 🍃💨

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