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Do You Think Tupac is Still ALIVE???

There has always been a huge debate about Tupac actually being dead.  To be honest with you, I never really questioned it.  I always thought he was killed…  We all saw the last picture with Suge Knight and Tupac in the car …  We all saw the pictures of Tupac on the autopsy table…

tupac suge knight


But I just recently heard some information about his aunt Assata Shakur, so I wanted to do a little research about her.  Come to find out his aunt is actually the 1st woman on the FBI’s most wanted list.  She escaped from prison and fled to Cuba.  FBI moved her up on the list a couple of years ago, check these pictures out of who is also wanted on the list.  No names are mentioned, but that man looks really familiar…



Check out these other videos… these are the best videos with “proof” that Tupac is still alive.  Do you really think he is alive, or do people just need to let it go and let the man rest in peace???

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