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Does Size Really Matter? Could You Take 15 Inches Or More?

Does size really matter?? This is a debate that has been going on for years on top of years, and honestly… there is no wrong or right answer. The answer to this question depends on the person answering it.

Some people have reported it’s not the size of the boat, but the motion in the ocean. While other people report the size of the boat is what gives the ocean its motion! LOL… Some people like smaller dicks & other people like big dicks.

Let me give you guys a couple “facts” on penises.

  • Men are VERY insecure about their penis size. A micropenis is defined as being 3 inches or smaller when flaccid and smaller than 5 inches when erect. Studies show that 12.5 percent of men think they have a micropenis, when in reality only .06 percent of the male population have a true micropenis.
  • When erect, the average penis length was found to be 5.16 inches in length and the average penis girth was 4.59 inches.
  • Penis size by weight (<<visit site) actually provides more meaningful data than penis size by race. Studies show that for every 30-50 pounds over the average weight, men lose an inch of visible penis length.
  • Within each ethnic group, there is a large range of sizes. Among the African-American ethnic group, there appears to be a larger variety of sizes than in Whites and Hispanics, which means there are more extremely small or large penises. There is a lot of diversity within racial groups with respect to penis size, just as there are variations in height and weight among men in different ethnic or racial groups.

Well I said all that just to show you guys this video I came across on social media. This man’s dick has to be at least 15 inches! I know a lot of women are turned on or captivated by a large penis… but honestly, could you really handle one THAT BIG?? I don’t even think it’s physically possible for him to fit his whole third leg inside of a woman! He will mess up your insides for sure. But take a look below.

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