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Donald Trump Says Colin Kaepernick Should Get Another Chance In The NFL

Looks like the POTUS, Donald Trump, has now changed the way he views Colin Kaepernick’s act of “kneeling” during the National Anthem, and says he would support him in playing again.a totally different tune he was singing when this happened back in 2018.

Colin Kaepernick made a stand, a peaceful protest, when he kneeled during the National Anthem almost two years ago. He was kneeling for all the acts of injustice against black people and police brutality. Kaepernick was publicly shamed for peacefully protesting, and basically “black-balled” by the NFL.

When Trump was asked if Kaepernick should be able to play in the NFL again, his response was

“He was terrific in his rookie year and then I think he was very good in his second year and then I think something happened, so his playing wasn’t up to snuff,”

“The answer is, absolutely I would. As far as kneeling, I would love to see him get another shot, but obviously he has to be able to play well. If he can’t play well, I think it would be very unfair.”

~ Donald Trump

A lot of people feel like he is only doing all this after a police officer kneeled on George Floyd’s neck for 8 minutes and 46 seconds, and killed him. Some reporters say he is desperate for the black vote. Either way, how do you guys feel about the President back Colin Kaepernick getting back in the league? Let’s talk about it.

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