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Donald Trumps Says “Snitching” Is Wrong & It Should Be Illegal!!!

Now, I have never claimed that Donald Trump was one of my favorite people or that I even agreed with the things he was saying…  but President Trump might be on to something with this one.

Donald Trump is suggesting or proposing that “Snitching” or “co-operating with the government” should be illegal, especially when people are only co-operating to get a reduced or lesser sentence.  This is all stemming from his lawyer Michael Cohen entering a plea of guilty in hopes he would not get such a harsh sentence.  His lawyer implicated Trump on a number of charges and Trump is insinuating that Cohen will get a better deal by using his dealings with the President.  Trump says “It’s called flipping and it almost ought to be illegal.” He says “it’s not a fair thing.”

Now regardless of how I feel about Trump on a personal level, I do think he is right on this one!  It’s not fair that somebody can get caught doing something wrong then instead of being charged for what they did, they can implicate somebody else and get sentenced to a lesser crime.  & by implicating somebody else, a lot of times people are lied on & stories are made up just for the person to get out of trouble and that’s not fair!

And let’s also talk about the fact that his attorney flipped on him!  Where do they do that at?!?!?  That should be illegal in all 50 states!  What happened to client/attorney privilege?  You confide in your attorney & now you are facing a whole slew of charges.

Yea… Not fair, but regarding this “NO SNITCHING” or “NO FLIPPING” thing, I do stand behind the President on this one.  But real quick, let’s just talk about snitching…

  • If you see an old lady being robbed and beaten & you give information… that is not snitching in my opinion.  What if that was your grandma, would you want people to help you?

  • You get caught speeding and you tell the officer “well I was only speeding because the person in front of me was & their license plate # is FTG 7654e & they also had a blown out tail light”… that is snitching!!!  Instead of you just taking the wrap for what you did wrong… you want to implicate somebody else so you’re not the only one in trouble.

Yea, I have no respect for that!  Let’s see how this all pans out.

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