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Don’t Forgive Michael Vick BUT Forget About Slave Bloodhounds??

This is going to be a controversial blog, and that’s okay because these are my feelings, and I 100% stand on them!

Michael Vick thinks it is time for the world to forgive him for what he did over a decade ago, and so do I! This topic has been trending on social media, so I wanted to weigh in on it… It has really been bothering me.

If you guys remember, Michael Vick was convicted back in 2007 for running what they called a “cruel and inhumane” dog fighting ring. Not only was he convicted, but he also spent damn near two years in prison, he lost his NFL pay and endorsements and he even went bankrupt.

I get it, he did a bad thing, (and I am an EXTREME animal lover) but Vick has served his time… you know, justice was served, I think it’s time for the world to let him live! People are constantly throwing our past transgressions in our face (& when I say “OUR,” I mean black people) but they want us to not only FORGIVE them… but also FORGET about our entire history.

Yup… slavery is what I’m talking about! “They” already took our history away from us, as we don’t even know exactly where we came from and we don’t know our original languages (when’s the last time you heard a black person speaking in their native language?). They want us to think that our history started here in the United States as slaves, when our ancestors were really kings and queens.

Are you trying to see how Michael Vick’s forgiveness & slavery correlate?? LOL stay with me… I’m getting to it.

**SO BOOM** How is it that we SHOULD NOT forgive Michael Vick for dog fighting, but we SHOULD forgive the slave owners for releasing their bloodhounds on our people for trying to escape slavery?? Is our life not worth more than a damn dog’s life??

1619 – The first slaves come to the United States

1817 – Organized dog fighting became a part of American culture, and was promoted by the United Kennel Club. As the activity grew in popularity, so too did opposition to it.

1865 – slavery was abolished

1960’s – United Kennel Club dropped its support and  most states made it illegal.

Slavery was allowed to continue for damn near 400 years, where dog fighting was made illegal in less than 150 years. So I ask you guys again… is a black life not worth more than a damn dog??? I think people really need to take a step back & analyze their thoughts about Michael Vick.

I know you guys are going to give it to me regarding this topic, so comment below. How do you guys feel about this article & can we forgive Michael Vick now???

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