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Don’t Shoot!


Don’t Shoot takes you on a thirty-one-day journey, behind the scenes directly into the police districts, clear across the yellow tape of in-house crimes, and inside the hearts and minds of brutal, racist, police officers.

Within this short story, readers will be privy to the nasty, racist remarks that you wouldn’t normally be able to experience, nor hear.  You will also witness, how a darker shade of skin color makes one high-ranking officer, ‘who dares to stand up for his race of people an outsider within the force that he works with.

He becomes one of their main targets, even while he’s working side-by-side with those he has sworn to protect, ‘those who are openly racist toward him!’

“DON’T SHOOT!” (Police Brutality), is not a story about racism, but about the sad reality, that racism is still alive and killing, ‘EVEN TODAY!’

“DON’T SHOOT!”, is raw as it comes!
“DON’T SHOOT!”, is a real, and serious reality!
“DON’T SHOOT!”, will anger you, and indeed make you cry!
“DON’T SHOOT!”, will bring you face-to-face with the statement that has been the common trend spoken thought this story, in our homes, in our neighborhood, kitchens, beauty salons, on our bus stops, in our barber shops, and throughout history; That could have easily been my child, your child, your husband, your mother, my mother, your wife, my wife, my dad, my friend your friend.

“DON’T SHOOT!” (Police Brutality), may be operating in a town near you.


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