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Dope City Artist of the month Dec 2017: Lokii 2 Eyes

Dope City Artist of the Month Dec 2017

Lokii 2 Eyes is an artist, music producer and audio engineer from Akron, Ohio. Music has always been a passion of his since a young age. He has been producing music and writing songs since he was 12 years old with dreams of touring the world being a big name artis influenced by musiciand Earth Wind and Fure, Prince, Anita baker. His love for soul RnB, funk, hip hop and RnB from the 90s plays a major roll in his music creatuon process. Through the years he has always been involved with music, from singing in a choir, being a DJ, making beats, song arrangements, to running live sound for shows, and audio engineering.

Since 2012 he has been working as an audio engineer, and says it doesn’t feel like work because he truly loves working with artist to help create music. A lot of people are amazed at how he works for what he loves to do an didn’t attend go to college or a trade school for it. Music to him is more of a feeling , it’s who he is, so it’s more a second nature to pick it up.

Early 2017 he released his first album ” Midnite Escapades” currently available on spotify, iTunes and Google play store and Recently just released a new single “My Birthday”. He plans to keep working as all artist knows, making it to the top requires hard work and consistency. Be on the lookout he will be dropping more content frequently.

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