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Dope City Artist Review: Geronimo Blakk



Geronimo Blakk bka G-Blakk, is a hip hop artist hailing from Akron, Oh. Blakk has been making music since he was 15 when he started rapping with his friends.  At first it was a  hobby but quickly became his passion. He has dedicated countless hours working on his craft and  released 2 early projects  ‘Blakk Planet’ and ‘Think Free’ from when he was developing. On his journey G-Blakk  feels he has pinpointed his sound and is currently in the studio finishing his debut album “The Soundtrakk”, which promises to be his best work thus far. The album is set to release this winter.

I personally have seen this guy in action and he brings alot of energy to the stage. In this era that we are in, its one of the most key elements while live performing. Crowds love to see artist command the stage with a presence and Blackk knows how to connect with his audience. On the flip side from what I seen to the first time I actually just listened to the music by itself, the performances do no justice to a few of the songs not because the songs are wack without the performance but because the song are more so “listening music” not the regular “club bangers” people choose to perform. In example when I heard “No Hope” live I said its “aight” but when I seen the video and just listened I liked it alot more than the perfomance. “No Hope” is a great listen with a more mello vibe in which I like. The substance, flow and word play was dope I give it a 2 thumbs up. The “World on Fire” had potent lyrics and a dope visual.. Then he got the joint females be vibing to called “Goals”, where he talks about relationships. Blakk has diversity in subject matter and topics which makes him very versitile. If he stays consistent he can do something. Check him out.

– AyoBluntGod

Here  are some links to his video:

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