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Dope City Artist Review : Murda Mar

Murda Mar is a native of Cleveland, Ohio. When he was 9, his mother moved him and his younger sister to Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. He said at a young age he always a had a huge passion for music and decided  in his teenage years that making music was his plan. Spending hours working on his craft Mar began releasing music and shooting videos to master his skills, Befor releasing his first Ep on itunes entitled “Lost Love” in 2016.

Murda Mar’s passion for music is present in his high energy concerts and music. What sets him apart from the rest is his ability to make different styles of music. He loves to make music that others can feel and relate to.

He wants everyone to join him on this never ending journey to become a successful  musician by  creating   masterpieces the world will love.

  After reviewing Murda Mar’s EP entitled “Lost Love” in its entirety, I think it was solid. There were a few songs that I didn’t care for but there were some songs that I really liked. It was very original and authentic. It gave me a spacey cool vibe and showed Murda Mar establishing his sound. I see alot of potential upside to this artist and will keep checking for him to watch the growth.

I think the best song on the Ep was “Goodbye”, the production on that track was crazy plus the flow was his own. It felt real sincere. “Strangers” was another song that I gravitated toward, you can view its official video below. The beat reels you in and the hook sinks perfectly over its melody. “Cold Hearted” is another cool listen, while “Is God Real” is a controversial song with a galaxy vibe and interesting lyrics that play on words. You dont got to take my words check him our for yourself.

— AyoBluntGod




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