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Dope City Artist Review :Young Luchi

Dope City Artist Review

Problem Child Luchi bka Young Luchi is an artist from Akron, Ohio born August 21st 1987.

His motto is #Fucemwebal and Principles, morals and values are the start of your foundation.

Some of his early influences include artists like Jay Z, Nas, C-Bo, Spice 1, Das Efx, 2-pac, AWOL records artist, Cash Money, and No Limit Records. He also said RnB artist like Mary J and Aaliyah had him captivated as well. He enjoyed the stories these artist told.

Luchi has worked with industry artist such as  Bone Crusher, Blood Raw, the late Jacka of the Mob Figaz, Beanie Seigle, Yukmouth, Berner & Icewear Vezzo  just to name a few.

His extensive catalog reaches all the way back to the early and mid 2000s. Some projects you may find him on are  “No Way In No Way Out” with Tha Circle. A double disc compilation with The Area called “Street Sales” and “Sex Sales”. His first solo dropped in 2007 called “Problem Child”. Followed by the Blue Valentine Vol 1 and 2, Sin City Vol 1 and 2 , Inglorious Basterds,Smokers Lounge projects and then his softmore album called New World Trade dropped in 2k14 before doing a bid.

I checked out the New World Trade album for review. I think the overall album is solid. Luchi is a discriptive lyricist that can be diverse with his delivery. His street savy and story telling ability makes a good combination for the listener to indulge. You can tell his music comes from the heart and from first hand knowledge by how vivid the details are written. It has a dope variety when it comes to the beat selection. The album as a whole was a good listen and there are a few tracks that stuck out to me. The song “330” is a dope trap anthem for his region with a nice beat and catchy hook. I also was vibing heavy with the “Fucumean” track. The message and stories is what gravitated me towards it. “Fucc Arounds” is another gritty street joint that slap. I think “Money Dance”  and “Band Bands” got that radio feel, Then he also got a few songs for the female audience to connect  with “Dripin Wet” and “Torn Between”. I suggest everyone take a listen.

After reviewing the New World Trade album and going back to listen to the album we decided to reach out to to Luchi to ask  him some questions.


Q: When and why did you start rapping?


I started rapping at an early age, u know puttin paper down the tops of the cassette tapes, plugin in a mic and goin in on the boom box. I believe I started rapping because music has been apart of my life since I can remember. Once I found out I knew how to express my way thru somethin I love, It was a Go!


Q:When was the first time you actually got in the booth?


The first time I got the booth was like 97 98 best experience of my life with Chino Nino, Ren Fetti and Ampichino

Q: Whats your biggest fear ?


The fear of failure keeps me going I feel God put me here to inherit my kingdom and that’s what I’m here to receive.


Q: What makes you different than other artist?


I can’t really tell you what makes me different because I don’t know who you listen too you’ll just have to tune in and give your own opinion



Q: What was your first video? Latest Video?


My first official video I can remember shootin might of been “Tryin” shot by Young Golden of Fresh Studios bacc in like 2009. The  latest video to check out would be “World” shot by Rob Bruce

Q: How did Problem Child fomulate?



Problem child actually was formed while I was incarcerated It consisted of one member Me. I told my homey Philly blunt when I get home I’m gone put a team together and start the beginning of a successful legacy and that’s exactly what I’ve been doing!

Q: Whats the latest project dropped?


Last project I released was New World Trade bacc in 2k14 after a 2 year prison sentence for having weapons while under disability I’m bacc ready for whatever God has in store for me!!!

Q:Whats next for you?


I’m currently working on my new mixtape due to be released early 2k18 called “F*!%??Yo Mixtape” just lookin for the right DJ with the right following to present what I have to offer to the world!!!

Q: Where can they find you?


I can be reached IG:Eyesof_YoungLuchi

SC:HillinHeavy FACEBOOK:YOUNG LUCHI Official Fan Page Twitter:YoungLuchi Email:ProblemChildentbooking@Gmail.com

Make sure yall go check him out



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